Date: Thursday 13th July 2017 | Venue: Macron Stadium, Bolton | Time: 6.00pm-12.00am
David Burgess

David Burgess
David Burgess - Magician 
(world class act)

His obsession with all things magical began on his sixth birthday when he was given a Magic Set for Christmas. Unlike most other children, whose interest wavered after a couple of card tricks and the wafting of a wand, he practiced over and over again, eventually turning his skill and artistry into a fantastic career.

He has been amazing audiences ever since with his close-up sleight of hand, staggering trickery and of course, cheeky comedy! He will be getting up close and personal at individual tables, and perform at the front of a room-filled audience.

David has been on the front cover of Switch Onto Business magazine and appeared on TV. Be under no illusion, his is amazing!

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